Tri- Beauty Studio was created to help bring all of our inner beauty to life – bridging the gap between what our eyes can see and what they cannot. Tri-Beauty Studio is a collaboration of strong independent woman, coming together to uplift and empower one another. 


Our Philosophy

We have created a NO JUDGEMENT zone! We see all forms of beauty – inside and out – it’s our job to to match your inner beauty to your outer beauty. Live your most abundant life and look good doing it! 


“If only our eyes could see souls instead of bodies how different our ideals of beauty would be” – Lauren Jaureguis.

Our Vision

Women deserve to wake up every morning and feel beautiful in their own skin. Our goal at Tri Beauty Studio is to help these boss women bring their vision of beautiful to life and help them radiate confidence.”- Janine


Janine - BeautyMark Pro

Certified Brow Specialist & Makeup Artist

Janine’s first taste of the beauty industry stems back to 2010. After having her health decline upon competing in three fitness shows she felt she was destined for something different.. Amongst the many health complications she was battling, her hair started falling out; it was this that initially launched her into her career. “I am a true believer that things happen for a reason”.

She first completed her certification for hair extensions in  ( need to fill in) and one year later (2013) she had also completed her Certification in Eyelash Extension Application. hoping to regain a sense of confidence. Her work began to receive recognition, and soon she found herself dabbling in Makeup Artistry which today makes up a large portion of her services. Sketching, creating, and working with charcoal drawings is second nature to her, and something she finds comfort in, so naturally, makeup artistry won her heart! She didn’t know exactly where this new career would taker her, but she knew the possibilities were endless and she never looked back. She began working with leading photographers, such as AJK, in 2014 and her work has been published in bridal and fitness magazines across Canada.

“On my journey so far, I have discovered that beauty, confidence and self love all resonate from the inside. However, even at our most confident we still like to be spoiled from time to time. We all need a little pick me up now and then!”

“I have been given the tools to enhance the beauty that every woman ALREADY possesses! Every person I get to touch with my brush is a gift…a special package waiting to be opened up to the world, and I just get to put the bow on it.”

“What I do is more than, “just make people pretty”, its making a positive impact that can last a lifetime.”


Certified Lash Extension Specialist

Melodee has been in the lashing industry for 3 years now, and loving it! Her sister in-law inspired her to start lashing part time to change up her daily routine from being a fully trained professional painter. Soon, her part time love turned into full time career. Melodee has been married for 25 years, she has 3 incredible kids and 1 absolutely wonderful grandson.

Fun Facf; She loves to cook and entertain, as well as a little bit of house painting here and there!


Certified Brow Specialist

“Life’s an art; and in a perfect world, everyone has fierce, beautifully curated brows.”

Paige received her brow training through Claria Renee and has 3 years of experience sculpting and mapping brows. She also has a 2nd (very successful) career in the body piercing industry. She will eventually be a member of the Association of Professional Piercers, and would like to take her micro-blading & powdered-ombré certification; ultimately to become an educator. Aside from being a boss babe, Paige also plans on starting a fur family with her wonderful boyfriend, James.

Fun facts;  If Paige isn’t creating body art or sculpting brows for the gods, you can find her hiking in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, solving jigsaw puzzles or expressing her wild feminine spirit through painting.


Certified Makeup Artist

Garin’s creative and artistic nature first emerged in high school; His favorite class was Art. Garin has been a professional makeup artist for 5 years, receiving his Makeup Artistry Diploma in 2013. His work has been published in various magazines such as; Inside Fitness & Dark Beauty. Garin will be attending RDC for social work, as he has always felt passionate about working with people. His true passion, aside from makeup artistry, is to make a difference in people’s lives; beauty isn’t just skin deep.

Fun fact; Garin loves horror movies & video games and his favorite colour is black. He has always wanted to travel to LA.


Certified Medical Aesthetician & Nail Technician

Rachael is a Fully Certified Medical Aesthetician with 7 years of experience in the industry. She has special training in Oncology and Multiple skincare lines, and is continuously advancing her skills and education. Rachael grew up on a farm East of Ponoka with a love for animals and adventure. Ponoka is where she lives with her man of 8 years and 2 kitty’s she calls her children, Mowglie & Mia (a.k.a Little miss).

Fun Fact; Rachael loves Craft Beer and Dutch licorice.


Certified Lash Extension Specialist & Brow Stylist

Chantae has been fully certified to do lashes and brow artist, she started in the industry in 2013 and has a combined total managerial experience of 9 years. Her daughter, Freja, is the light of her life. When she’s not working Chantae can be found with her little one adventuring in the great outdoors, reading or crafting.

Fun Fact; Chantae is an artist to the core, her passion is sketching and she regularly drinks steeped tea in the morning (with milk and sugar).



Naomi has been perfecting her craft as a nail technician for over 6 years! She is an East Coast girl, born and raised in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. When she isn’t working on creating new nail designs or the hottest DIY Pinterest projects (She will attempt anything and usually knock it out of the park), you can find her whippin’ up a mean potato salad in the kitchen!

Fun Fact; She loves vintage fashion with a modern twist and playing makeup when she has time! (She’s a busy busy mother of two!!).


Advanced Skincare Specialist

Amy is certified in HydraFacial MD, Facial Therapy, Microdermabrasion, Micro-Needling (Collagen Induction), as well as some of the newest treatments to the industry; Plasma Skin Tightening & Derma-planing. She is also an Assistant Trainer for new students enrolled in the PlasmaPro program with The Esthetics Institute in Calgary and Edmonton. When Amy isn’t focusing on her career, you can find her spending time with her Husband and Children, being a busy mom of 3!

Fun Fact; Amy’s dream is to one day become a Nurse in the maternity ward. She has Entomophobia also know as insectophobia & she loves to shop.

Amazing Work. Time and Money Well Spent.

Janine did an amazing job on my brows. The studio is super cute and comfortable and staff are welcoming and friendly. The work Janine did is unreal. She really is talented!!! I’m so happy I decided to go through with getting these babies. My brow game is stronger than ever! So so so happy!!!


Best stage makeup ! The team is so professional/friendly! This company runs so amazingly well, no stress on show day ! thank you so much ! My makeup was absolutely flawless!! highly recommend!

Nails by Rachael

I have been going to Rachael for nails now for almost a year and she does an excellent job always. She is quick, professional and high quality, which I think is reflected throughout other services offered in the studio as well. Love the new updates! Very exciting 🙂


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